Sunday Evenings

Sunday evenings are always a bit of bumming time – the excitement about the weekend ahead is gone, the fun of the weekend is experienced, and all that lays ahead, it appears, is a long work week. But there are ways to cheer up Sunday evenings – one is to recap how fun the weekend was! I was very lucky to have my boyfriend, Jeff, and good friend from school down for a visit. Jeff and Joanna arrived Friday evening after a long drive down from Connecticut. We relaxed with some tasty snacks and a few glasses of red wine. Then we went out to meet some other friends in the city for some more drinks in Dupont. It was a fun evening of catching up. Saturday we drove up to Annapolis to have crabs!

While I do not eat crabs, it was a fun afternoon spent in Maryland with good friends. We walked around Annapolis and I got some delicious ice cream- chocolate peanutbutter! Saturday was my cheat day (I’m entering week 3 of Tim Ferris’ Slow Carb Diet , more on this later!) so I was able to enjoy all sorts of treats on Saturday. Saturday evening we went out to celebrate our friends’ birthday and had a great time seeing more friends and drinking beer (not red wine like on non-cheat days). Oh, and someone brought home-made cupcakes that were soo tasty, it may inspire me to start back up with my baking hobby again :) 

After some last late-night snacks, I wished cheat day adieu and we slept like rocks. Today was back to eggs and broccoli for breakfast and off to see a bit of DC with Jeff. We walked over to the White House and then treated ourselves to burrito bowls at Chipotle, sans rice. Delicious! And makes getting back into the diet a bit more pleasant on Sundays.

After walking around it was about time to say good bye til our next visit in 2 weeks. It’s not so bad, but 2 weeks sounds long! After a great weekend hosting my pals, I spent some time cleaning up the apartment, getting ready for the work week, etc.

The tossed together some dinner – tried this soybean packet from TJs for the first time – it was very tasty, easy to just heat in the microwave, good flavor, great protein! With a side of broccoli, green beans, and a few sugar snap peas to munch on, it was a good dinner. I snacked on a few leftover peanuts, too. 
Doing some final organizing and paperwork, and think I’ll settle down with a cup of tea and a few episodes of this.

Good night! And Happy Sunday evening, afterall.


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