2.5 hours away!

The big news of the day was discovering that my favorite blogger, Kath lives in Charlottesville which is only 2.5 hours from DC! I immediately started planning a weekend get-away trip to stop by her bakery and explore the city that I feel I’ve seen so much of in all of her posts out at restaurants, bars, bikes, wine-tastings, etc. And, the greatest news is that the Amtrak goes right to the center of the city, so I can use some of my free points to get Jeff and I there! So excited at the idea of meeting Kath, eating at Great Harvest (Ahh the food lately has looked so amazing!) and having a fun weekend exploring a new city! I’ll get my plan on, and hopefully it’ll pan out :)

Today my boss got stuck working from home so our plans to go out to lunch and to have a few meetings have been postponed to tomorrow, so it was a bit of a slow day. It started with..

1 whole egg and some pepper strips (microwaved, the gas in my apartment is still shut off, the whole building, grr!)

Lunch with a big spinach salad with

black beans
an egg white for extra protein
a few tomatoes
sugar snap peas




I charged through the afternoon with a cup of peppermint tea. When I got home at 5 I had a 1/2 cup cottage cheese snack for some energy and some sugar snap peas for crunch. I was then geared up for a good workout at the gym. Even though it was really nice outside today (below 80!) I was set on the stair-master.

My workout:
-30 mins on the stairmaster (Sweat!)
-30 mins on the elliptical, interval workout
-bicep, tricep, and shoulder free weight workout
-abs – planks and side planks
-lots of stretching!

It felt good to workout again and get my heart going and the sweat movin. I came home and considered trying to make a protein shake of sorts without a blender (boo) but it seemed too complicated, so went straight into dinner around 8pm. Without the stove, I’m stuck with frozen veggies and more beans. Not bad though! Used up the rest of the spiced soy beans from last night, with a few black beans thrown in. I think I need to make sure my protein intake is high,need more energy! And fullness.  With a side of seltzer. Mmm, need to restock already! Maybe I should investigate a cheaper way to get my bubbles..

After being so tired and lethargic this morning, I decided I really need to get into a groove of an earlier bed time, especially since I’m getting up at 6:30 these days. Aiming for 10:30 tonight! But first, some tea and a little 30 Rock :) G’night!


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  1. Bonnie

    Hey, this is great!

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