Special lunch, part 1

When my alarm went off at 6:20 this morning I surprisingly didn’t groan in misery – I woke up feeling quite rested and ready to get up! I think it might have been the strictly enforced 10:45pm bedtime last night. Maybe I’ll try to stick to that. Breakfast was the usual:

I’ve been trying to not put salt on my egg/peppers in the morning to decrease my salt intake a bit – it’s been through the roof lately! And in my travel mug, a big cup of hot coffee with cinnamon. Today I had meetings almost straight from 10-3 with lunch with my boss in between. He treated me to Qdoba which proved to be very easy to eat at on this diet and quite tasty. Although I would certainly choose Chipotle any day for quick mexican. I got the vegetarian taco salad, naked without the big fried tortilla bowl thing. It looked something like this (minus the squash, and plus a big mound of guacamole):

Source: http://foodfitnessfashionista.blogspot.com/

My boss is taking me out to lunch, again! tomorrow. :) It’s a week full of special lunches. I had some afternoon Tazo tea and plugged away at some research. It’s getting exciting, as one of today’s meetings revealed how important my work will be and could potentially be part of a paper EPA is putting out. I came home and revelled in the beauty of the flowers that I bought over the weekend – they’re in their peak!

I’m having a few spoonfuls of cottage cheese (would prefer a few sips of a protein shake but not having a blender if proving to be quite a barrier)and gearing up for a ~5 mile run with Melissa, my first outdoor DC run! I’m a bit nervous so packing my camelback, we’ll see how that works out. Looking forward to the run, but wish it wasn’t still 86 degrees out! Ah well, off we go!


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  1. Bonnie

    Congratulations on the run – and what interesting landscapes!! Capitol Building, Lincoln Memorial, not bad.

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