Take 5

Well our 5 mile run was awesome! It was still pretty warm and muggy, but not too bad especially since the sun was behind the clouds the whole time. We ran from Melissa’s apartment all the way down the mall to the Lincoln Memorial and then back. A fun run because we chatted the whole time, were surrounded by other runners, and was a fun atmosphere with all the kickball and softball games going on at the mall.

The camel back worked out quite well, though now it’s all sweaty :-/ but it was great to hold my keys and phone and to hydrate the whole run!

A bit red and sweaty right after finishing.  It felt so good to be out running again, I hope to keep it up.  I took the metro back home, did some ab workouts and stretched it out – I’ll probably be sore tomorrow regardless. By the time that was done it was 8:30 and I was getting a little hungry. Since I still can’t use the stove … it was more frozen veggies, and some tempe to mix things up (a break from beans!). I sprinkled a tablespoon of nutritional yeast over it all for some cheesy flavor, vitamin Bs, and a teensy bit of protein.

  And that’s all folks! Have a busy/big day at work tomorrow with a training and shadowing another staff member, so hoping to get some good rest, especially after that run! First, some tea and some TV streaming netflix.


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