Choo choo!

It’s a choo choo day because my brother is currently on the Amtrak train on his way down to visit me! I just got out of my day-long conference. It was full of note-taking, coffee-drinking, networking, more coffee-drinking, and nibbling. Started off with my usual breakfast but forgot to photograph it. At the conference I literally drank 4 cups of coffee and 1 cup of tea. But, the coffees were all decaf except the first one! phew.

They had these ridiculous disposable plastic mugs too – def bringing my travel mug tomorrow! Lunch was a bunch of sandwiches and chips. Fortunately I had brought my own delicious carb-free salad from home. I did grab two roasted veggie sandwiches and put the sauteed peppers and marinated portabellos on my salad for extra tasty veg. I smuggled out a bag of chips to enjoy on cheat day :)

(Imagine the added in veggies, and nutritional yeast added in the morning. That’s hunks of tempe if you can’t tell. Mmm!)

One of the sessions had dark chocolate covered pomegranate seeds as a prize, I couldn’t resist and ate 4 of the lil guys. There were loads of temptations, from the bagels/muffins/croissants in the morning to a plethora of cookies in the afternoon, to the appetizers at the reception afterwards! I escaped with minor damage I think. I went to the reception and had a little plate witha giant blob of hummus and a few cherry tomatoes. Skipped the pitas, orzo salad, cheesy spinach and of course meatballs. I left without even having a glass of wine! Figured I’d wait til Matt arrives in case he wants to go get a drink somewhere after we have dinner.

All day I’d been thinking about the potentially incredible combination that occured to me – what if I mixed two of the already awesome snack foods allowed on my diet? Cottage cheese + peanut butter! I think Kath has occasionally combined cottage cheese with her oats and nut butters so it didn’t seem that strange, right? Well,  I tested it out … and…

it was delicious! I’ll admit, a bit of a weird combo but it was actually quite tasty, with the salt, and the creaminess, almost like a dessert! I stirred it up and – yum. A new snack is born. And filling! Actually feeling a bit full here from all that hummus and cottagey goodness. Matt should arrive in about an hour so I think I might toss on my exercise clothes and go for a stroll around the neighborhood til her arrives. It’s nice out, only 82 now! Ciao.


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