Double Salad, Double Work Out

Today was a good, but long, day. Didn’t feel quite as energized this morning getting up, but still not terrible.  Started out with the usual breakfast, with some nutritional yeast.

Charged through the morning and went to a training, where I couldn’t resist eating a bit of fresh fruit! It’s on the no-no list, but, just couldn’t help it – grapes and strawberries! My boss bought me lunch again, this time a big spinach salad with tomatoes, black olives, crumbled egg (not quite enough protein..) and purple onion. Yum! I spent the rest of the day shadowing someone in the office which was neat, went to a 2-hour meeting with him which was a bit long. I got myself home by 5pm (stopped at the farmer’s market and got some kale! kale chips on the way maybe tomorrow night!) and was a bit worn out. Figured a good protein shake would help me gear up for a big workout..

I finally got this new protein powder to taste good! It’s been an extra challenge without a. a blender and b. not able to eat fruit. This time I mixed with with almond milk, and then microwaved a tablespoon of PB to add in – a few vigorous stirs, and it was delicious! I’ll def be making this again, but it is a hefty 220 calories for only about 14g protein, so not nearly as lean as cottage cheese.

After my shake I was ready to hit the gym. Love the stair master, especially on fat burn mode!  It always kicks my  butt.

I know it’s been a good workout with I’m literally dripping with sweat – check out that sweaty hand!

My workout included:
45 mins stairmaster (-400 cal)
10 min elliptical cooldown (-70 cal)
new arm strength training routine  It was great!
usual leg weight routine
quick abs (60 sec plank, 30 sec side planks)

Aside from the great workout, 3 super frustrating things happened:

1) My iPhone kept skipping/fast forwarding/randomly stopping playing my music. SO FRUSTRATING esp when you’re pushing hard and just need Gaga to pull you through! ggrrrr more proof we shouldn’t rely on technology to solve all of our problems.
2) A trainer attacked me once again to sign up for a free consultation. No means NO!!
3) I had a third thing but honestly can’t remember. Guess it wasn’t that frustrating!

This workout did take forever, but felt good. And, I don’t think I’ll get workouts in for the next two days since my brother is visiting (and Fridays never lend themselves to after-work exercise) so I wanted to make sure I hit all my major muscle groups today. Came home and showered and was ready for a light-ish dinner (the protein shake really kept me nice and full!) Threw together a(nother) spinach salad with a few tomatoes, green beans, sugar snap peas, avocado, black beans, and salsa. Yum!

After woofing down my salad I high-tailed it over to TJ’s at 9pm. Needed some essentials, like coffee! And bubbles, been really missing them! Too bad they’re so heavy to carry back. Picked up a few things for when Matt will be here (picturing a lil picnic Friday night at jazz in the park) and a few things for cheat day on Saturday! :) Pretty excited for that.

Now it’s past mu bed time, I haven’t caught up on today’s food blog reading, and not ready for tomorrow’s conference! Ahh, but, we’ll pull it together here. It’s almost Thursday, hooray! Matt arrives tomorrow night, HOORAY!! G’night.



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3 responses to “Double Salad, Double Work Out

  1. Bonnie

    So what planet did you come from ’cause I know it wasn’t the same as mine!!!!

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