Very Special Lunch

I charged through the morning and felt better as the day moved along. Getting over the tiredness. One of our coworkers took all of us interns out for coffee this morning as a thank you for helping with a conference last week. I had a tazo passion hot tea, even though it’s 90 degrees out here. My stomach needed something soothing. A few meetings later, my boss treated me to lunch (part 1 of 2). We journeyed to the CapMac food truck which served up different kinds of gourmet mac n cheese. Not exactly my idea of a healthy lunch, but, it was a special treat and there weren’t really any other options, so.. I chose the pesto mac, which was fusilli noodles, roasted zucchini, green beans, and white beans all mixed with pesto sauce and shaved parm on top. It was SO good! I chose the only option that didn’t sound loaded with cheese (my coworkers got the goat cheese mac, awesome-sounding, but no veg in there!), and that actually had some veg in it. Good decision-making, Margo.

I tried to save some of it, but couldn’t resist eating it all! Yum. I figured the 6 mile run yesterday somewhat justified the indulgence. After we picked up our lunches from the food truck, my supervisor pointed out the cupcake truck next door. Apparently he was good friends with the owner, so we go to do INSIDE the CUPCAKE TRUCK! So neat! I oo’d and ahh’d over all the beautiful cupcakes. He had me pick one out (he went with 2 brownies) so I was torn between peanut butter chocolate, cookies n cream, and a new one she posted, salted-caramel chocolate. I’m sucker for anything salty, so went with the caramel. I was going to save it … but that afternoon lull always gets me! I convinced my office pal Jim to share it with me so I wouldn’t feel so bad about completely train-wrecking my healthy eating mode today. It was pretty tasty, although the chocolate base of the cupcake was a bit boring. Frosting and salty caramel drizzle was phenom though.

Sorry it’s blurry. Just imagine it’s unblurry beauty. Anyway.. got some work to get done here, I’m planning on a good workout after work to knock out this overly special lunch!



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6 responses to “Very Special Lunch

  1. That’s SO cool!! You got to go inside!? What was it like?? It must have smelled SO good. Even blurry that photo looks delicious :)

    • It was SO neat! There were cupcakes and brownies everywhere, I was practically drooling! It smelled amazing and I literally had to hold my hands so that I wound’t sneak a finger into some frosting :) It was pretty warm (it got close to 95 here today) but she had a great little set up in the truck with her laptop, radio, etc. Cool job!

  2. special lunches can make the whole day better! :)

  3. A cupcake truck?! Why have I never been to one of those?! Cupcakes are one of my favorite foods! Chocolate and salted caramel = heaven. I would have been all over that deliciousness!

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