Boston you’re my home

After a few flight delays we finally took off from DC last night. Ran into an old friend at the airport from undergrad which was fun. The flight was fine besides the 3 screaming babies (thank god it was only an hour long flight). While waiting for the flight I got super hungry so searched for a healthy snack (the kale with nutritional yeast tucked in my purse just wasn’t too appealing…)

and found these little guys!

For only $2 I thought this was a great little find in an airport full of unhealthy/expensive snacks, a these were a healthy protein-laden snack. Since the flight was delayed about an hour they gave us these little snack boxes on the plane, and I could NOT resist eating all of its contents.

We landed and Jeff and Matt met me at the airport, hooray! So happy to see them. We drove straight to our favorite Thai restaurant to meet my parents. We had a great dinner catching up, and I had a giant Singha to kick off my vacation in New England.We found out our favorite waiter is leaving! He was so sweet and he helped us plan our trip to Thailand in December of 2010 and gave us lots of tips and people to meet up with while we were there. He’s going to another restaurants so we’ll just have to visit him there!

We had vegetarian spring rolls, yellow tofu curry, and another tofu dish with rice. Jeff and I split an interesting dessert – taro pearls with coconut milk. It was really good! Us kids then scooted off to Common Grounds, a neat bar in Allston where they were having 90s night, lots of dancing! My best friend Jenny and her boyfriend surprised us and met us there for a drink! So great seeing them. I had two of my favorite beers – Allagash White and a Franziskaner. It was a fun night!

This morning we had a lovely 4th of July themed brunch planned with a family friend. My mom cooked up some awesome Challah French Toast, a broccoli cheese quiche, vegetarian sausage (love the morning star kind), and lots of fresh blueberries and raspberries. The eggs were from a friend on the Cape – super fresh! I’m stuffed and has 3 cups of coffee with brunch, wops over-caffenation!

We’ve got some fun plans for the rest of the day and it just so happens to be gorgeous out here today in Boston. Woohoo!!!


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