3rd of July

Today I had OATS for breakfast, been missing these guys! Mixed with banana slices, walnuts, and a scoop of peanutbutter. Yum! Veggie sausage on the side, just because. 

After catching up with a friend over coffee and a biscotti, I headed back home for a quick run with Jeff. A quick 3 miles with interval sprints for me, a sluggish 3 miles with interval walking for Jeff. Gotta get him off the bike and back on the running roads! I then went right to work on some CUPCAKES before taking a shower and getting ready for the cookout up at Jeff’s family’s house. They came out pretty good! Bowls to lick…..

We had a fun time catching up with his cousins, aunts, uncles, parents, etc. ate LOTS of food, veggie burgers, drank lots of UFO beers, and were very merry! There were sparklers and lots of other fireworks set off later in the evening. Fun night! We’re going to be up bright and early and off to the esplanade to hang out all day in preparation for the awesome Boston Pops show and fireworks!!






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  1. Bonnie

    Love the cupcakes,yum!!!!

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