Dining out in Georgetown

I scoot out of work and bounced over to the gym to get a quick workout in before a nice dinner with dad, who had landed in town earlier this afternoon.  I was feeling really fatigued after getting home, I wonder if it was from too much caffeine (diet coke, always a bad idea for me!) so before heading to the gym I had a pre-run snack of peanut butter to get some energy, 1 heaping tablespoon to be exact. Heaping. TJs chunky salted, my fav.


I was all geared up to do a sprint interval workout on the treadmill but after the first 3 sprints something in my hip was really hurting. I decided it wasn’t best to push it if it hurt, so I slowed to a job and rounded out my 30 minutes with some uphill walking. Looked something like this:

Jog to the gym .4 mi
Minute      Speed     Incline
0-3              3.8             4.0
3-4              4.5              1.0
4-5               7.4              1.0
5-6               4.5              1.0
6-7               7.8              1.0
7-8               4.5              1.0
8-9               8.0              1.0
9-10             4.5               1.0
10-11           8.2               1.0
ouch hip…
11-15           4.5                1.0
15-25           6.4                1.0
25-30           3.8               4.0

Even with the curtailed sprints, this got the sweat goin! (neckline shot) I hope the hip pain is just from tightness or something, I’ll have to see how it feel tomorrow. It seemed that only the sprinting bothered it.

I then stretched out and came home and did quick abs and push ups:
— 20 girly push ups
— 2 sets of 20 bicycle abs
— 2 sets of 10 leg lifts abs

Then shower time and gussy up time, then I headed just around the corner and down the street to meet my dad at his hotel. He has a great hotel room! After chatting we headed over to the Indian place I had picked out in Georgetown, Taj of India. It was great! We started with some white wine – sauvignon blanc for me, pinot grigio for dad.

Then had vegetable samosas and vegetable pakora – really good, with great sauces and chutney. He ordered a meat dish for an entree and I had a chana masala dish – it was excellent. We also had garlic naan. The naan was so-so, a bit dry and coulda used more garlic in my opinion. But everything else was fantastic. Including the mango coconut Indian ice cream! I only had a few spoonfuls, cuz we agreed on a froyo trip after dinner (dad couldn’t resist ordering this one though!). 

We headed down to Ben and Jerry’s, as I’d had half baked on the mind for a few days now. I totally woulda chosen FroZenYo and their self-serve setup any day, but there wasn’t one in the area, and we were content just mooshing around Georgetown, so Ben and Jerry’s it was!

After froyo we were completely stuffed. We headed into Barnes and Noble to poke around and I carried around Life of Pi for a while, thinking I might buy it. I need a summer book, and summer is flying by! But I realized it would be silly to buy a brand new book when there are tons of used ones out there and library ones, and friends’ books to be borrowed! If I ever get around to it …


Speaking of, anyone have any great fun summer read books in mind?

And, what’s your go-to pre-exercise snack? Peanut butter, like me?

Off to bed soon, g’night!

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