Family time is the best time

Some more pictures from our boat trip adventure today: 

As dad says, this guy gets better looking every day.

Gardens at Mount Vernon. 

The boat.

Dad and I at the mansion. After the boat excursion dad and I came back and spent a few hours by the pool in my building. It was quite relaxing after the hot sunny day walking around Mount Vernon. After the pool, we freshened up and headed into Georgetown for dinner. We picked out a Vietnamese place and started with cocktails and white wine for me. 

After some vegetarian spring rolls, I had a veggie tofu dish over rice – perfect cuz I was lacking veggies. 

And, since it’s summertime, and I’m missing our annual beach week in Maine where we go for ice cream every night, we got some mini ice creams. Mine was chocolate with cookie and fudge chunks. Dad helped finish mine. 

It’s been such a fun visit with dad!! We’re having breakfast in the morning before I got to work and before he flies out tomorrow afternoon. Don’t leave, dad!! Dad: I’m sure you would agree that it’s been nice seeing me ;)

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One response to “Family time is the best time

  1. Couldn’t agree more! There’s NOTHING better than family time! :)

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