Well hello, Mr. George Washington

What a fun day so far! We headed out super early down to the waterfront to get on the boat to go see Mount Vernon. I kicked off the morning with the juice I made yesterday – mm veggies. As the boat pulled off we had some breakfast – yogurt and coffee. I munched on a peach a few hours later. Mount vernon was beautiful! Hot and sunny, but a great day touring the estate – the gardens, the mansion, barn area, and all. Very neat! George Washington was quite a guy, let me tell you. We ate at the restaurants there, and I had a pretty tasty black bean burger. I had it open faced so abandoned the top half of the bun, take that. Trail mix on the side shared with dad, and a diet coke, couldn’t help it! Cool and refreshing.More pictures to come later. Now off to the pool to cool off!



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