Night at the Gym

What a workout! This might be one of the most challenging workouts I’ve done in a lonngg time. Dad had treated me to not only a fitness magazine, but also a new book – Life of Pi. I was inspired by the workouts in the magazine to mix mine up and do some more serious strength training! I had a slice of apple with PB as a pre-workout energizer. My workout looked like this: (I was originally supposed to go for a big 8 mile run with Melissa tonight, but due to EXCESSIVE heat today, we cancelled, fearing death. fo real tho, it’s 9pm and still 91 degrees)

– 30 minutes Stair Master (seeeerious sweating)
– arm strength training with some new ones tossed in, I liked this new tricep one
 30 minutes on the elliptical, cross train mode, level 9 then level 12 second half
– leg strength training, did parts of ultimate butt workout!  I already sport quite the ultimate booty, but some toning won’t hurt
– leg weight training machines
– 30 push ups
– 60 crunches
– 20 of these, thanks Audrina
– serious stretching!

This was a looong workout, but felt good. I’m not a huge fan of fitness magazines or cosmo or any of those magazines as I think they add to a lot of young women’s negative views of their bodies, but, I must say that having something light to read while on the stair master and elliptical made the time move faster. I brought my book too, Animal Vegetable Miracle, but reading about growing your own veggies while pushing hard to lady gaga just didn’t seem right…

I left the gym and stepped outside in the hot hot evening and it was crazy windy out and cloudy – a storm was about to hit. I yogged home literally just in time before thunder lightning and pouring rain began. Phew! Good timing. The gym was handing out free packets of naked granola so I munched that on the way home – I was pretty famished. I then whipped up a delicious yogurt bowl – as a lactose intolerant person I steer clear of yogurt, though it doesn’t typically make me really sick, I decided not to eat it since my body seems to reject dairy. But, I couldn’t help but be ASTONISHED when I saw this yogurt in trader joes – shock and awe due to the 18g of protein in packs in just 100 calories, and 0 fat. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?! I had to try it. That’s SO much protein!

And it was pretty awesome. Mixed with the rest of the granola and some blubes.

Then I had this. A tomato from the the farmer’s market (soo good), and basil from my plant. Yum! and Sea Salt.Good night!



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4 responses to “Night at the Gym

  1. I tend to be a bit lactose-resistant as well but am able to handle greek yogurt just fine. My mom said something about it let’s lactose intolerant people be able to eat it, so weird right?!

  2. So weird! I of course got super curious and just googled it, and the Chobani website says that lactose intolerant folks can usually handle greek yogurt because the way their strain it takes more of the lactose out than regular yogurt. And the extra probiotics help break it down too. So we’re not crazy! And this is fabulous news for my tummy.

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