Fine cocktails, Falafel, and Friends

After work I headed home and had a snack, then took a nap! Whipped up a SMOOTHIE, which up until today had been impossible — I had noooo blender, but today, all of that changed. My little $12 blender arrived from Amazon, hoooray! I’ve owned one of these before, and it did the job. I’ve got 2 nice blenders in New Haven so no need to buy a full out nice one.In the mix: soy milk, 1 banana (half blended, half sliced), 1/2 tbsp of pb, water, 1 scoop of vanilla protein powderAfter my nap I headed out for a happy hour with 3 chicas from school. We went to an alumni happy hour for our school. It was great seeing them, and I enjoyed a lovely strawberry mojito! Afterwards we decided to have some dinner next door at a great little Greek place. I had an tasty greek salad topped with falafel, a side of hummus, and a $4.25 glass of red wine (soo cheap!). The falafel was awesome – so moist and yummy. Back home too late to do laundry – good night!


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