Hungry Tuesday

Today I have been HUNGRY! Not sure why? I am suuuuper sore from yesterday’s workout, maybe my body is still recovering and wanting more food. I also woke up really tired, so I think overall my body needs a break and some nutrition. I had to be up early on the Capitol for a senate committee hearing on the safe water drinking act (yeah, ended up being about as exciting as it sounds). Kicked off the early morning with 2 egg whites with turmeric and a sliced nectarine on the side from the farmer’s market.

And coffee w/ cinnamon, of course. After the hearing there was something going on and they were giving out free Hagaan Das ice cream bars! It’s been 102 degrees out today so it was the perfect time for ice cream. It felt too early for a big sweet for me though at 11am, so I ate just the chocolate coating off the bar and a bite of ice cream and tossed the rest. Hah, sorry ice cream bar.


Big salad with carrots, cucumbers, tomato. And for protein:

More of that awesome yogurt topped with blubes. I think I’ll skip working out today and give my sore legs a rest. C ya later, hope it cools down soon!


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