Fruit, fruit, fruit

Around 11am I got suuper hungry (I’m on a hungry streak?!) So I had this beauty of a lil peach. Perfectly ripe.Lunch was eaten before it was photographed, but it was a home-made spinach/romaine salad salad with carrots, cucmbers, peas, and two egg whites. Yum. But didn’t quite fill me up. Good thing there was a tonn of food left over from a work meeting that we got dibs on. I loaded up on a giant bowl of fruit.I gave the cookie to my office mate :) At this point I think I was od’d on fruit for the day! I headed home and got completely soaked in a big rain storm — stupidly didn’t bring my umbrella today :( I ran home and changed, got my umbrella, and headed over to a special treat to myself – a mani/pedi! I had bought a great groupon-like deal and finally made use of it. I picked a super NEON color for my toes, and a nice summer pastel for the fingers. I came home and then cleaned for an hour – apt is sparkling (well as sparkling as it can be). Bad timing I know, I would have much preferred to first clean, workout, and THEN get my nails did, but, alas, there was only one appointment left. After cleaning and doing lots of laundry I headed over to the gym and did:

– 60 minutes on the treadmill: 20 mines with 8 1-minute sprints interspersed, about 10 mins uphill walking, and 30 mins running
– arm weight training
– too tired to do abs! stretch

I came home and chugged a protein shake of soy milk and protein powder and then tossed together some dinner. I was hungry, of course, and broke into some black beans and turned it into a big veggie bean bowl, topped with TJ’s Soyaki sauce. Perfecto, with bubbles on the side. Followed by a spoonful of PB. Bunch of things to do cuz …. JEFF comes to visit tomorrow night!! YAYYY!!!!!!!! 




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