Overnight sleep, overnight oats

Finally felt a bit more rested when I got up this morning, probably because I let myself sleep til 7:10 instead of 6:20. Much better. But still sore from Monday’s weight training, ughhh. Need some stretching. Happy over-the-hump day. I’m looking forward to leaving work a bit early to get a long list of to-dos done. Bfast was overnight oats!

In the mix:

– 1/4 c scottish oats
– 1/4 c soy milk, splash of water
– diced apple slices
– sprinle of walnuts
– cinnamon

Yummm! And of course coffee with cinnamon on the side. Since eggs weren’t in the bfast today they might make a celebrity appearance at lunch.. laters.


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One response to “Overnight sleep, overnight oats

  1. Glad you felt more rested this morning! There’s nothing better :) Those overnight oats look awesome and I love the idea of cinnamon in your coffee – I always do that in the fall :)

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