Crawling Thursday

Today has been crawling by, I think mostly because I’m tired and because I’m super excited for the weekend to begin, I just can’t wait! I wonder if exercising in the morning had made me tired. Ehh it’s probably more likely the 12am bedtime and 6:30 wake time … argh, must improve this!

Lunch was a bigg salad.

Topped with black beans, an egg white, peas, carrots, and cucumber. Despite the beans and being so big, this guy didn’t quite fill me up.

After our little field trip today (we met with a really inspirational staff member, it was wonderful hearing her path in life!) I came back to the office feeling totally fatigued. I really just needed a nap. But since that’s not an option (boo 9-5 job structure, for real, I don’t want this structure in the future) I opted for an energizing sbux yogurt parfait and decaf coffee (didn’t want to get all caffeineited and feel strung out later on, esp since I know wine and beer are in my future, and mixing that with a caffeine buzz is no good). Parfait was good, but, def no greek yogurt, and the corn syrup-y ingredients listed in the fruit part weren’t encouraging. Oh well. I had no time to get to TJs and stock up on greek yo!

Ok, almost through the work day.. we can do it!



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  1. Haha – woohoo! We made it through the day! Hope tomorrow flies for you :)

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