Finally OIAJ

I finally got to have Oats in a Jar! (OIAJ) Since seeing other bloggers’ posts about overnight oats in a jar I had been wanting to try it out! The idea is that your jar of peanut butter/almond butter is just about empty with maybe a spoonful left and tasty remnants on the sides and what a better way to get every last lick out than make oatmeal right in the jar! Last night I put 1/4 c scottish oatmeal and 1/4 c soy milk in my almost empty TJ’s salted chunky PB jar. This morning I added a but more soy milk (it was solid!) and sliced up a small banana. 15 secs on the microwave to take the chill off and I was in heaven! So peanut buttery and delicious. Plus a side of coffee.

What made my OIAJ even better was that I ate them after working out! That’s right, I got up early and trucked over to the gym for a quick 30 minutes on the elliptical. It was  a beautiful morning here, finally some cooler, refreshing air out there! I was a bit groggy and stiff so I didn’t push too hard, but worked through the 30 mins while watching The Today Show (I miss it so much! Used to watch it every morning getting ready for work back in my working days, pre-grad school). I stretched out, I can’t belieive I’m STILL feeling sore from Monday’s lower body weight training, maybe I need to foam roll, or tone down that routine. I want to do it again, but keep putting it off due to soreness. It’s nice to know my workout is done for the day already! I like exercising in the morning, but in some ways it’s not as rewarding as later in the day when I’m all pumped up and ready for a release and ready to push hard. Both have their perks I guess.

I then came home and got ready for the work day. We’ve got a midday field trip on the books and a happy hour after work. Jeff comes tonight!! And our mini get-away starts tomorrow morning! :)


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