Finally the weekend

Yesterday after work I went to happy hour with my fellow interns. We hadn’t done one all summer so it was about time! I had a blurry locally brewed beer but can’t remmeber what it was called.

We shared a few plates of food and I had a nibble of a spring roll and a few sweet potato fries. It was a fun time.  I sauntered home to get ready for my special visitor whos amtrak train was delayed. I whipped up a batch of peanut butter cookies and had some dinner. Obviously I ate a lot of the peanut butter dough….. and licked all bowls clean… 

Dinner was an old standby of veggies and beans, I topped it with salsa.

I then went to meet Jeff at the train station. Hooray!! We came back and had a beer and some chips and guac. We go on our mini get-away this morning – time to pack up, make breakfast, and head out! :)

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