So Jeff and I are having a blast on our weekend getaway here in Charlottesville VA! Cville is such a cute little city with so many restaurants. We spent yesterday checking many of them out! We arrived after 2 hours of driving from DC and went right to our inn. It’s a great place to stay and has wine and cheese in the afternoons and breakfast in the mornings. We headed out for lunch and went right to Revolutionary Soup, pretty much the first place we saw. They had a great menu of soups, sandwiches and salads. I had a great veggie sandwich with avacado, peppers, veggies, cheese, and had Kombucha for the first time! I’ve heard so much about it I decided to finally try it. It was yummy!After lunch we walked down the pedestrian mall and explored. Cville is really cute! Reminds us of Burlington VT or Ithaca NY, sort of crunchy, focused on food, local things, and a bit hippi-ish. It’s great!

The walkway had some gorgeous planters! Mom would like these.

We found ourselves wandering into a self-serve froyo (by found ourselves I mean I adamantly steered ourselves to it). We made some delicious little froyo bowls – I went chocolately of course, and Jeff went fruit. We ventured back to our inn for their 5:00 wine and cheese. It was pretty tasty. Then, we went for more wine and cheese at the Market Street Wine shop where they were doing a free tasting. We tried a bunch of wines there and enjoyed the breads and cheeses. Very cute little place. We recalled our awesome trip to Spain back in March and all the spanish wines we had there. 
We then headed over to the pavilion to hang out at the Friday After Five free concert event I guess they hold every Friday in the summer. It was a neat sort of funk band playing and a great atmosphere of both young and old people hanging out, drinking beers, and having a grand old time. We enjoyed it, and Jeff tried a Starr Hill local beer.

Yearning for more local beers, we soon headed to the South Street Brewery to do some most tasting of locally brewed beer! We were impressed by the brews, I particularly liked their Heffeweizen. We then had a great dinner at Mono Loco, a neat Mexican/Cuban place right near our inn. Forgot to photograph! But I had a great margarita and burrito. Yum! It was such a great day and fun night! Hooray vacation!



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  1. Bonnie

    OK, so like just what are you smoking??? I want some!!!!

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