Wineries, Breweries, and meeting KATH!!

Today we started off the day with a very, VERY, exciting little trip to a very special little bakery. Not just any bakery. But KATH’s bakery!! I have been a long-time reader and huge fan of Kath’s blog and find her writing, meals, and workouts to be so inspirational. I was excited to meet her and stop by the bakery that she and her husband run and that I read about in her blog all the time! Can you see how dorky I look in this photo?! That’s because I was so excited to be meeting Kath that I really couldn’t put a normal-looking smile on my face! Kath was so nice, and I eagerly picked out a number of treats I’d be dying to try. Jeff and I each ordered sandwiches and I picked out Cville granola as well as a Savannah bar and a loak of Dakota bread. YUMM!! Jeff prodded me out of the bakery once we had chatted and I had bought all my goodies. It was a very exciting little visit :) Kath mentioned my visit in her midday post today, too! 

We then headed out on a winery and brewery adventure. We first went to Pollak Vineyard and did a tasting. That had some really good wines and the server was very friendly and recommended a number of Cville things to check out. Their tasting room was really beautiful! Jeff really liked their Merlot so bought a bottle to take home. After Pollak, we headed to Veritas vineyards just down the road a ways. Their wines were tasty too. One of the coolest parts of this winery was the little walkway up to the tasting room. The vineyard overall had beautiful grounds and vistas, and this walkway had a covered top with big, beautiful green grapes hanging down and vines all over.Definitely a wonderful spot for a wedding. After the tasting we found a picnic table and broke out our Great Harvest sandwiches. I had a tofu pest veggie one on High Five bread, and Jeff opted for the Monticello on Dakota bread and it had hummus, olives, and veggies. We shared both and they were so yummy. The tofu was awesome and herbed – wish we had time to go check out the Twin Oaks Tofu Coop!  Maybe another trip ;) After the little break we headed to our lost stop, the Blue Mountain Brewery. Here we sampled their beers and really liked almost all of them! It was quite a day! We’re back at the Inn relaxing before more fun this evening! Happy Saturday!




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3 responses to “Wineries, Breweries, and meeting KATH!!

  1. Bonnie

    What a fun trip!!!

  2. Looks like so much fun! I’m jealous of your GH haul! I need to get my butt down there ASAP!

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