Founding Fathers and Froyo

After breakfast Jeff and I headed out to Monticello! After seeing Mount Vernon last weekend , I was excited to see another presidential estate! Monticello was beautiful and had a similar tour of the mansion and gardens. We learned about Jefferson and his interest in knowledge, equality, and his pride in being the author of the Declaration of Independence. Do we have a resemblance? I really loved walking through the gardens – it makes me really want to have a vegetable garden again! Can’t wait to have my own hopefully in a year or so when I’m living somewhere with a yard and perhaps in a more permanent situation. I do like moving around a lot though for now. We came across this beautiful butterfly. Jefferson really liked wine! We didn’t have a chance to visit the nearby Jefferson vineyards, but, I took on my role of wine-deliverer nonetheless. We headed out of Monticello and made one last stop in Cville before heading back to DC. We stopped for FROYO of course! We went to Arch’s to try their gooey brownie topping Kath raves about!  It was super rich and delicious! I got chocolate froyo topped with the gooey brownie and reese’s cups because I can never not have something peanut buttery!

Jeff for vanilla topped with pecans and the gooey brownie. I must admit we couldn’t finish either of ours! They were very delicious, just a bit too much for our bellies. Maybe because we grabbed a slice of pizza beforehand… We stopped in Christian’s pizza because we were really hungry and didn’t want to just fill up on froyo. This slice was awesome! It was pesto based and topped with spinach, garlic, artichokes, mushrooms, tomatoes, and feta. Thin crust and a really big slice so it was perfectly filling.

After our pizza and froyo we had to start facing the face that our mini vacation was coming to an end :( We drove back to DC, stopped at the apt and unloaded all our stuff, returned the rental car at the airport, metroed back to my apt, made a quick meal of pasta and veggies (and Dakota bread from Great Harvest!) , and then headed back on the metro to the Amtrak station. And now it’s nearly midnight and I’m not unpacked and Jeff is gone :( Wahh. He was a great sport for taking the 10pm train back up to New Haven – he doesn’t get in til 4am and then has to work a full day! Poor guy. So I can’t complain about it being late and being tired here. It was SUCH a fun weekend away in Cville with Jeff, we had such a great time! And I get to see him again in just 10 days! Ok, good night!






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