I want Mas

Last night we lounged at the Inn for a while out on the sunny veranda.  We enjoyed the 5pm wine and cheese again, too.

We hydrated with some ice tea before having a glass of the white wine.

I love their veranda! Sitting in rocking chairs in the sun is just wonderful. Apparently grapes are wonderful, too!

We began the evening at Beer Run, a bar that both sells beer and serves it, and you can buy a bottle and then pay a bottle fee to drink it there- pretty neat because they have a huuge variety of cool beers! I had the Roanoke summer beer and Jeff tried their stout. They were pretty good! We also had some potato wedges because Jeff needed a french fry fill. 

We then walked over to Mas Tapas, a really neat tapas place in Belmont, which is either part of or right next to Cville. It was a really cool atmosphere but I didn’t take any easily-uploadable photos (they’ll be uploaded in a different post, promise). We had a few glasses of their very delicious sangria and then shared 4 different tapas – patatas bravas of course, a bread platter with artichoke and goat cheese mash, a shrimp plate (for Jeff) and a a spanish tortilla of course. These were all reminisicnet of our trip to Spain back in March. Everything was delicious, except the patatas bravas were a bit too spicy for me and they didn’t have the typical sauce on them – ah well, all in all it was a fantastic place to dine and we really enjoyed it. We then came home and watched some crappy TV (extreme addictions?!) and went to bed. TV is very special because I haven’t had it all summer, or for over a year actually.

This morning we enjoyed the Inn’s breakfast again, and I went for the granola with milk, some fruit, and a slice of coffee cake. Coffee and fresh OJ on the side.

Now packing up for the day’s adventures and heading back to DC later on. It’s been such a great time here in Cville!!


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