Living in a swamp

At 6:30am it was 81 degrees, and by my measurements, 100% humid. seriously.gross. I got myself up and out and through the thick air over to the gym and was on an elliptical at 6:30 sharp. Simple 20 minutes intervals, nothing too intense, but enough to get a sweat up. Then I did lower body strength training, same as on Tuesday only I did fewer machines and added in another routine from the Ultimate butt workout (I had only been doing the first two).  Followed by stretching and lots of water-drinking.

I waded through the humidity home and showered and made a solid bfast – overnight oats in a jar, plus a big spoonful of PB, 1 banana, and cville cluster granola. This was an awesome jar of oats!!

Coffee to go of course. Another busy day at work, ready go!




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4 responses to “Living in a swamp

  1. Ugh I know – it’s TERRIBLE!! At least you had that yummy breakfast to look forward to! :) Hope you stay cool (and dry!)

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