Thirsty Thursday

Lunch and afternoon snack:

Remember thirsty Thursdays back in college? It was a big party night back then! Now it’s sort of just another night, except tonight it was a throwback to the good ol’ days – a couple beers and a margarita! Sarted with a fire alarm in our building at 4:15pm, which led to us interns deciding to get a drink at the bar right outside our office while we waited for the drill to end. Since we were willing to sit outside (yeah bad idea) in this heat, the hostess gave us a round of free drinks! Yay. I had a shock top beer, very refreshing.

Then I was off to meet an old friend for drinks and dinner. We had a beer at one bar, then dinner and a margarita at Alero. Chips and salsa, and I had vegetable enchiladas that came with rice and beans and guac! Asked for noo cheese. They were really yummy and with real corn tortillas, mmm. Probably overate today in general … ops. But it was good :) Now I’m tired, good night!



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