Christmas in July

5 months from today is CHRISTMAS!! Just a reminder :) In celebration of Christmas in July and Santa, I ate a cookie this morning. It seemed completely appropriate.

It was pretty tasty. One of the admin assistants made them – oatmeal choc chip, pretty light and chewy, very thin. Mmm went well with my morning coffee around 10:30 this morning.

Breakfast was much earlier this morning around 7:30 and was 2 egg whites with nutritional yeast, and a jar of juice! Juice made from yesterday’s batch.

The juice was very refreshing, esp after I did a quick set of abs this morning. I then packed up and WALKED to work! Hooray. It was only 83-85 degrees out on my walk so it wasn’t too, too terrible. I was prepared and wore running shorts and t-shirt and just sweated it out and changed upon arrival. I just like starting off the day/week, Christmas with a good walk, sunshine, and morning observation time. Clears the brain!

This week is a big week – my BIG presentation is tomorrow. I’ve got the ppt done, now just need to practice practice practice! The rest of the week is peppered with crunching out some more projects at work, meetings, an intern potluck night, exercise, and then heading north on Thursday, hooray!

Happy Monday, and Merry July Christmas!



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2 responses to “Christmas in July

  1. Hahah – this is a post after my own heart :) I’m Christmas crazy and fully support your “Christmas in July” cookie eating to celebrate!

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