Presentation: Done

Well, I got my big presentation over with this morning! I practiced at home last night and this morning so was feeling pretty good going into it. It’s never easy presenting in front of 40 people even when you feel very confident. A bunch of people complimented me afterwards so I feel pretty that it went well. I managed to present about 8 works of internship work into a 15 minute presentation, whew.

So, now I just have a bit more research and some summaries to write before I am DONE here next Friday! Can’t belieive it. Gotta say, vacation is sounding pretty great, and it’s only a matter of days away :)

I was too busy prepping to post breakfast, and it was a good one. My stomach has been feeling pretty upset since yesterday afternoon, so this morning the only appealing thing was oats. I cooked some up, and topped ’em with raspberries, soy milk splash, salt sprinkle, walnuts, and a drizzle of honey. Yum! And easy on the tummy. Coffee to go.

Lunch was at the salad bar place with my supervisor again. As much as I like making my own big salad, I have hard time controlling myself! I end up with a giant plate and then of course eat it all. I also wonder if the food there has been upsetting my stomach these past 2 days :-/ I think all the veggies is not helping. Today’s salad was full of: spinach/lettuce, 4 asparagus spears, broccoli, snow peas, kale, chick peas, 1 hard boiled egg white, and a side of fruit. The melons taste so good! (Fruit was twice the amount than pictures, already eaten!)

So I really gotta take it easy on the fruits and veg til my stomach calms down. Gr. The rest of the day was packed with meetings and trip to starbucks with a coworker to talk career paths and job advice. I’m thinking a light workout is in order, depending how I feel. Happy Tuesday!


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