Cupcake Truck!

Lunch today was pretty good – it was meant to be a breakfast! I had set up some overnight oats last night thinking they might be a good easy food on my stomach. I brought em for lunch – they were the perfect kind, which means they were made in an almost empty PB jar. YUM. 

– 1/4 c scottish oats
– 1/4 soy milk
– last scrapes of PB jar
(soaked over night in fridge)
– small banana sliced next day

PS note my To-Go Ware silverware pouch. This guy is aweosme- it’s a fork, knife, and spoon made out of bamboo. The pouch is made out of recycled PET plastic. It’s awesome and I use it every day to eat lunch – cuts down on plastic cutlery waste!

This lunch was very tasty and we ate outside with the interns – so nice out today! Bummed I missed what musta been a gorgeous fresh air morning. I had a few afternoon snacks today .. one was a bag of pretzels I picked up at 7-11 next to my apt before heaidng into work. Soothing carbs.

Then, my supervisor and I had been plotting a trip to the cupcake truck again! I was excited. I picked out 3 cupcakes [1 to eat now, and 2 to bring up to New Haven to share with Jeff, aren’t I nice? :) ] You’ll have to wait to see the other two flavors, but I dug right into the Triple European Chocolate, which they describe as:

“We start with a moist and decadently dark chocolate cake made with fine Belgian cocoa. Then we add a generous helping of silky smooth French chocolate frosting. Finally we top it all off with Belgian chocolate shavings!”

What a cutie. Sandra makes awesome cupcakes! And it’s neet hearing some of the ins and outs and challenges of running your own bakery business. It sounds like a lot of hard work! But with some sweet pay offs.

Half-eaten. Now all gone! Mmm it was mighty good. Not soo sure that a chocolate cupcake it exactly what my stomach needed, but I’m hoping it doesn’t upset all my work to keep it calm too much! We will see. Welp, today has not been too productive, we’re off to the capitol for a meeting, then headed back to my place for a big potluck dinner!


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