Egg Mc Bland Muffin

Well, I decided to text in sick this morning. I didn’t set an alarm last night thinking I just really needed a good night’s sleep to settle my stomach and feel better. I think it helped! I slept til 7:15 and dozed on and off til about 8:45. I’m somewhat taking my time to get ready and will head into the office in a little bit. I don’t feel sick sick, so don’t need to miss a whole day (especially when I only have 7 days left!) but I did need to let myself rest, since I know what happens to me when I push things too much.

Also, I needed a little reward after giving my presentation! Sleeping in is a good one :)

Breakfast started with some peppermint tea. Then another wheat english muffin topped with an egg white. Bland and boring, but seems to feel okay. 

I’m determined to still host our intern potluck tonight! So trying hard to settle the stomach before I see all that delicious food tonight that I know I’ll want to eat. Off to get ready for work!



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3 responses to “Egg Mc Bland Muffin

  1. You can text in sick?! That’s awesome. I’m jealous! Also – I don’t think that breakfast looks bland OR boring – looks pretty darn amazing to me! :)

    • Haha yeah my supervisor is pretty cool and we text occasionally, which is super easy from bed when you don’t feel well! You’re right, this bfast was pretty tasty. Just wish it had some fresh fruit involved. Soon enough.

  2. Bonnie

    Can’t wait to hear about the potluck – hope you were feeling well enough to enjoy it.

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