Potluck Extravaganza

Tonight I hosted a potluck dinner with my fellow interns. It was fun (just like our last one!) and full of food and drink!

There was wine, cheese, grapes to start. Also a layer dip I made with beans, corn, salsa, and cheese with chips. I had a small glass of red wine. Main courses included a number of starches – ops! A great couscous salad, a spicy rice, mashed potatoes, cucumber dill yogurt salad, 3 bean salad. Dessert was a yogurt parfait bar and one of the interns made her famous granola! It was very tasty, with lots of fruit toppings.

With farmer’s market jam to top it off! I am now sitting here SUPER stuffed with all this good food! And of course my stomach is not happy with me. grrr. trying to digest a bit before going to bed. G night!


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