Short Thursday

Today started with a light breakfast since I ate it pretty late and didn’t want to fill up too much before lunch time. Fresh raspberries and an egg white. Aren’t these berries beauties? Organic too. I try to buy berries organic since they’re some of the worst for pesticides, I use this guide: dirty dozen

This morning I also did a quick set of Audrina’s ab workout and 20 push ups on my knees. It feels weird to be taking two days off from exercise (yesterday and today) but sometimes you just gotta rest when you’re not feeling 100%. (On the upset stomach note, I miss coffee!! But am feelin good today, so might bring it back in action soon..) I’m hoping for a good run and maybe strength training routine tomorrow in New Haven.

And now it’s a short work day since I’m leaving to catch a 4pm train up to CT! I’ve got all my bags here at the office, hope I didn’t forget anything.


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