Training North – Weekend begins!

Lunch today: overnight oatmeal with a blob of almond butter, and diced banana. Yum! I had a meeting and then hopped on the 4pm train up to New Haven. It was a long ride, 5.5 hours and I simply didn’t bring enough to do and entertain myself :-/ rookie mistake. As for snacks, I grabbed an iced (DECAF!) coffee and a nut mix at Au Bon Pain. Hit the spot. But, I got hungry a bit later and fortunately had packed a juicy peach, and a toasted English muffin with jam, not pictured. This held me over til Jeff picked me up at the station in New Haven. He had some yummy things ready for my arrival! Corn on the cob, kale chips, WINE, and a chickpea dish.(Eaten corn… ops). I then broke out the 2 darling cupcakes I had managed to bring all the way from DC! They were delicious, and were cookies n cream, and a new special flavor – chocolate with a raspberry cream cheese frosting! Sooo good. We split both. With that, good night!


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