Heavenly running in the Haven

It’s funny being back in New Haven! I woke up with Jeff as he headed off to work. I started my day with a big bowl of CEREAL! Something I don’t usually eat. This stuff was delicious! Vanilla almond flakes of some sort? I topped it off with some fresh strawberries and almond milk. Gotta say 2g of protein per serving is really weak, compared to my usual eggs or oatmeal breakfast. But, it’s a good pre-run breakfast, full o’ carbs. Cereal is one of those things I have trouble stopping eating – I def took two extra handfuls after I finished my bowl. Maybe that’s why I don’t keep the stuff around ;) Natural lighting in Jeff’s room leaves something to be desired…I then bopped around his apartment for a while, caught up on NPR and blogs, digested, ironed a skirt, and then got ready for a run. I was super excited to know I’d be running in 73 degree weather (just checked the DC weather, and right now it’s 96 degrees!! bahh!! so glad I’m not there for that) Here’s me being excited:I took off on a 5ish mile route I had mapped out. I chose a scenic route, meaning I would run by some of my favorite new haven spots to check up on things! It’s been a few months and I was excited to see what had changed. Ran by: my house, my favorite street, all the markets, downtown, the Green, etc. Everything seems to be in order, just the way I left it, minus some new pavement, horray, and looks like a sweet bakery is going in downtown, right next to my office — SCORE!! It was a muggy rain with misty rain occasionally, but cool as a cucumber! I stopped at 5 miles, finished in about 47 minutes, not bad! A quick clip for me at least. I then treated myself to a big iced coffee at Willoughbys and they even had SOY MILK, wow! Some sights of New Haven:Pretty gardensLovely old Victorian homes painted fun colors Bikes bikes everywhere!

Now time to shower up and meet a friend for lunch and help her move some stuff to her new apt. Then some errands and then fun time! C ya



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