Weekend in Review

Well…. Friday night I finished up helping with some moving, and then we headed to Prime 16 for happy hour! Great beers. Then.. we came home and made PIZZA! We made two: peppers and onion pizza, and a mushroom and olive one. SO GOOD!! We love the recipe from Animal Vegetable Miracle.  It came out just as awesome as the last time we made pizza :) 

And then we went for FROYO in New Haven! Froyo World was pretty awesome. Banana cream, chocolate froyo, topped with an insane amount of candy toppings. I went overboard. No good. We kicked off Saturday morning bright and early and helped out friend move. Started with that cereal again – yum! Moving is never fun, but we banged it our in 3 hours and it was a good workout! Up and down many stairs. And great seeing our friend :) We then hit the road to Barrington RI to Jeff’s parents’ house. It was so beautiful there! They had a big cookout with friends and family, it was lovely! Jeff’s parents remembered my love of pumpkin beer and picked me up this! It was good, not as good as my favorite Shipyard Pumpkin head, but good!
After jet-skiing (my first time!), riding around in the boat, eating, drinking, and sunning, we headed up to Providence for Water Fire. It was awesome, I hadn’t been in years, and it was a lot of fun! We had a beer and some sweet potato fries at this neat brew pub: Trinity Brewhouse  and their hefeweizen was great! We kicked off this beautiful Sunday morning with a great breakfast: Fake bacon and egg sandwiches. MMMmm! Enjoyed out on the deck in the sunshine on the water! It’s hot here though. 
Now we have a few more hours here in paradise to enjoy!! Then it’s a late-night train back to DC :-/ Wahh.  C ya!

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