Dresses and Dining Out

Today’s lunch looked a lot like yesterday’s lunch and featured broccoli, green beans, and hidden underneath: tempeh hunks and corn.  I also ate the rest of my breakfast apple. 
I discovered a new tasty product at Trader Joe’s – these flavor packets, they’re delicious and have stevia instead of aspartame, woo! I met my mom after work at the Smithsonian American History Museum but I was pretty hungry. Fortunately she had some snacks in her bag from being out adventuring around the city all day. I ate half of this guy. We saw lots of neat things at the museum! The inaugural gowns of first ladies, Dorothy’s slippers, and Farrah’s bathing suit. We really only spent about 20 minutes in the museum – pathetic but we were pretty beat, from walking around all day to working all day, respectively. This is Michelle’s dress! 
We then headed out on the metro and walked to Georgetown for dinner. Ever since my dad and I had Indian out I’d been craving more! So we went to the same place.

We had a beer and veggie samosas to start, then had aloo chana masala (one of my favs) and a mixed veggie curry, and of course garlic naan (I had 3 big pieces, ops). They were all delicious!  And it’s great having mom in town visiting!!

It’s not a complete dining experience out with my parents unless we get dessert! We went to ice berry, my first time there, and I got a simple small dish of chocolate with almond slivers on the top. I didn’t eat the whole thing. Mom had a tasty banana strawberry smoothie. 
We came home and I whipped up a blueberry & strawberry bread for tomorrow’s potluck lunch at work. I had to make a number of substitutions as I didn’t want to buy sugar or anything really to make it, since I’m moving outta DC in a few days! So we’ll see how it turns out… I used this recipe from Eat, Live Run, a really neat blog. Hopefully it’ll come out tasty, it sure smells good in here!  A few little tasks, then it’s bed time for me and mom! 



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3 responses to “Dresses and Dining Out

  1. Aw what a fun day! And I agree Jenna’s blog is amazing – one of my favorites for recipes!

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