Drizzly (over-the-hump) Day

Woke up to a bit of a drizzly day in DC! I guess better than a hot humid one.

Last night’s blueberry & strawberry sweet bread turned out well! Despite subbing honey for sugar, frozen berries for fresh, lemon juice for organge zest, and baking soda for baking powder (ops) it tastes great! It’s super dense and moist, and I tried half a slice last night to ensure it’s tastiness before sharing with my cowokers, of course.

I sliced it up this morning and brought it into work. Breakfast this morning, an oldy but goody: 1 egg white and some pepper strips, mixed with a little nutritional yeast. Coffee on the side to go.

I had a 10am coffee meeting with someone I wanted to network – it was a great conversation. We talked about the realm of green products, eco labels, and green certifications – all things I dig! She offered to be a contact and connector so that’s always good! She treated me to a coffee, too :)

Charging through some work then it’s office potluck time!!



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