Indulgences (Part 1?)

Well today’s potluck goes along nicely with the theme of a post from Carrots n Cake today about healthy eating sometimes involving unhealthy choices. There were so many yummy things to eat at the potluck today that I ended up sampling them all, especially the desserts :)

I nibbled: crackers n cheese, a scoop of guac, black beans over cilantro rice, pasta with tomatoes and cheese chunks, spinach dish, potato salad, a very small slice of pizza, two brownies, 1/2 of a famous raspberry jam bar, and grapes and cherries. Wow! They were all tasting size servings, but it was still alot, and full of not super healthy choices (and lots of cheese, oof).

I have to admit that I have not been the most healthy eater lately. Overall I really like the idea of eating healthy whole foods and making good choices about 80% of the time and then 20% of the time indulging and making-not-so-healthy choices, as mentioned by Cait.   I usually adhere to this pretty well, but the past few days I’ve been overeating and overindulging in treats. The food forecast for the next few days is not looking super great for healthy choices. But, I will do my best!

Today after work all the interns went out for happy hour since many of us are done on Friday! I had a glass of red wine (for free! due to drink tickets). I then headed to Foggy Bottom to meet two friends from high school for a drink and some nibbles. It was so great seeing them! One was in town from NY for a conference so it was extra special to get to see her :) I had another glass of red wine and ordered a kale, peach, goat cheese salad. It was super tiny which was perfect, because my mom was at my apartment getting dinner ready! (what a treat!).

I told mom about the little farmer’s market that’s in Foggy Bottom on Wednesdays so she stopped and picked up some fresh local produce! We had: corn on the cob (yet again, amazingly delicious), sliced tomato and cucumber with salt, and some of the leftover Indian food from last night, mixed with some freshly cooked tempeh. It hit the spot!A few things before bed time. G’night!



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2 responses to “Indulgences (Part 1?)

  1. There’s ALWAYS some over-eating/over-indulging sometimes. It’s just a matter of making the next week better :) You can do it – just listen to your body, it’s the most important part! ;)

  2. You’re right :) Thanks for your thoughts, I CAN do it! And need to listen to what my body wants a bit more :)

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