Art & Pizza

For me good bye lunch today my supervisors took me to Rasika! It’s the highest rated (4.5 stars by 700 reviewers in Yelp) Indian restaurant in DC so I was pretty excited.  It was a fancy pants place, and was neatly decorated. I didn’t photograph anything, but had a few bites of two different appetizers, the Ragda Patties and Palak Chaat (this was SO good, like fried crispy spinach) and for the main course I had Ghobi Matar (cauliflower) with rice and naan. It was all very good! Our bill was also very large so it was really nice of them to all take me out to such a fancy lunch!

The rest of the day was jam packed with meetings. One of them was with a fellow intern who was interested in hearing more about my grad program. I think I rattled on for over 40 minutes! It was fun giving advice to someone still finishing undergrad in the same field. I guess I have a lot to say about my life path so far! Hopefully I gave her some good advice. Before leaving for work I ate a juicy peach, and a Fage yogurt. I knew we weere hitting up a museum event after work and that I’d be hungry if I didn’t eat til 8pm. Before leaving work I said good byes to two interns and my supervisor who won’t be there tomorrow. :-( I then headed off to meet mom at the Philips collection, a neat little museum. Cool flower sculpture outside! They had a cool little event going on so we got to hear a talk about the Kandinksy exhibit as we walked around and looked at his work. They had some tea samples, a guy playing the sitar, and other neat things.

My museum threshold is pretty low, so we were only there for about an hour and a half or so. It was good though! We then headed around the corner to Pizzeria Paradiso which I had heard was really good, and there’s always a line, so must be good! We had to wait about 30 minutes so we each had a beer. I had the weissbier and mom had a lager, both were good.

They served yummy olives at the table. We sat outside which was great – it’s (amazingly) quite pleasant and almost cool here today so it was a perfect night to sit out. We had a salad to start – goat cheese, pine nuts, mmmm. And then split a pizza. We must say it was a bit disappointing. I added salt and parm cheese to it, and I never add things to pizza! It just was missing something, and didn’t blow us away. Oh well! Despite not being blown away, we ate the whole thing!! 4 pieces each. Mmmm. 

Fun night!! Double dining out is never a great idea, but today I didn’t super stuff myself at either meal so that is good! Now organizing things for my last day of interning tomorrow! Good night!

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