Second to Last Day!

I can’t believe it’s my second to last day interning! Today is my last day with my supervisor and my office mate, as they are both out tomorrow. Sad! How quickly time goes.

I decided to start off the day with a morning run (finally). I was determined to do it, and have realized that’s the only way I acutally end up doing morning execercise – if I’m determined and have made up my mind to do it. I even dreamt about missing my alarm and being bummed about missing my run!

I slipped quietly out of the apt and was dressed and hitting the pavement by 6:47am. It was fairly cool out (77) but really humid. As I got deeper into the trail it got even more humid due to all the vegetation! But it was a great run and I was surrounded by other runners and bikers commuting to work in the city. My music and updated running playlist kept me going as did my camel back. A sweet 5.3 miles in about 53 minutes. Left me sweaty and happy :)

Back at the apt I got ready and break-fasted: 1 egg white, pepper strips, and nutritional yeast, look familiar? Coffee w/ almond milk on the side. Can you tell I’m outta fresh fruit in the house?

On the books today: meeting, meeting, goodbye lunch for me! :), meeting, coffee meeting, good byes :-(, then fun with mom after work!


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