Brunch at the Tabard Inn

This morning I got up early even though it was Saturday! I wanted to squeeze in a workout before a big brunch we had planned. I was on the stairmaster by 8:42am and realized this might be my last gym workout, if I don’t go tomorrow. Tear. Bally Fitness has worked out really well here this summer.

I cranked out 20 minutes on the stair master and sweat up a storm. I was dripping. I then did 15 minutes on the elliptical to sweat some more, and then did my arm strength training.  After stretching and a quick foam roll (I need to own a roller!) I headed home and hopped in the shower by 10 and we went on our way to the Tabard Inn!  I’d heard their brunch was great and in a cute setting, so I booked us a reservation a while back. 
We of course started with coffees. And they gave us a little basket of veggie bread and tiny little lemon coconut (I think) muffins. I had a muffin and a bread. No butter necessary. We then had one of their famous home-made donuts that comes with real whip cream – it was phenomenal! Light and airy and covered with sugar and cinnamon. Capital Yum.
I had the tomato, basil, mozzarella frittata and greens. It was excellent and not too cheesy. Mom had the blueberry pancakes with peach and ginger compote – amazing! I ate at least 1/3 of hers. It was a lovely, delicious brunch, enjoyed outside in the adorable garden area!

And chocolate mints at the door always win my heart. We walked around a bit to help digest all the deliciousness. Off on more of the day’s adventures!



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