Monets & Cocktails

After our fabulous brunch Mom and I went to get hair cuts – we both desperately needed one (I think the last time I cut my hair was liiike March? my hair was SO long) and I found a good deal for a nearby salon on WTD, a groupon-type site. It ended up working out well, not an amazing salon, but a good enough cut for $20. Note the scraggly ends in this old photo…My hair is much healthier now and a couple inches shorter, still long though. Post hair-cuts, mom and I metrod to the mall and headed to the National Gallery of Art. I really just wanted to see the impressionist work and avoid reaching my museum threshold by trying to see too much. So we strategically saw what we wanted and overload on art. Here are two of my favorites: 
Part way through the museum-ing I needed a snack. We stopped at the cafe; a strawberry/blueberry gelato for mom. A red apple for me :) Needed fruit!!
I also had this mini Lara bar – they were giving them out for free at the metro last week, never had this brownie flavor, it was quite choclately! Love that there are so few ingredients and they’re all natural. More famous art:
We tried to get into a few other museums, but they were either closing or had long lines. Ah well, guess we were done with that. On the way back from the museum we got stuck in the rain and got soaked – pit stop back at the apt to freshen up and we were off for cocktails! I had a groupon-type deal (I guess it was a coupon day!) to cocktails and small plates at a fancy hotel lounge down the street, so we went for some celebratory drinks as one of our last nights in DC! Mom started with a tequila based drink and I had a strawberry mojito! It was very tasty. We ordered the focaccia plate that came with three spreads – an olive one that was awesome, a sun-dried tomato one that was so-so, and a cannellini bean one that was great. MM! Mom got a shrimp quesadilla plate and we also ordered truffle oil french fries that were yummy! We gobbled everything up, and then had more cocktails – a blue drink for mom, and a bubbly bevvy for me – it had orange vodka in it, cranberry juice, and bubbly wine. It was good and reminded me of fruit punch, and easy to drink! When we came home I felt like part of the meal was missing – veggies! In attempt to remedy this nutrition deficit and in an equally important effort to empty my freezer before moving out Monday, I heated up some frozen veggies: broc and a succotash mix.  With soy sauce. It hit the spot. Mom and I just spent about an hour packing up my kitchen stuff, some closet stuff, and other odds and ends, so we don’t have to do it all tomorrow, eek! While packing my kitchen cupboard I came across some dark chocolate so nibbled on that. Hittin the hay soon. Fun day!!!


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