Hometown visit

Good morning, Newton!

I woke up to a sunny, cool day in New England (<3). I love sleeping with my windows open – something I couldn’t do all summer long in DC. I got up and hit the pavement for my first run here at 9am. It seemed cool out but once I got going it quickly felt hot. I guess it was 73 and humid, so not exactly cool. I was excited and determined to do my old 5 mile route here, a route i haven’t been in shape enough to run since LAST JUNE! wow. I was excited to see how my body did. Well, I survived. I had forgotten how challenging HILLS can be!! My routes all summer in DC have been long but really, really FLAT. So these hills really kicked my butt, but, I didn’t give up, and never stopped or walked! SUCCESS! (shoulda brought water though! lesson learned) I came back hot, red, and sweaty, but happy I did the 5 miles. I then kicked it further and did Audrina’s ab workout twice (I decided this week is ab week, like shark week, only less awesome) and 20 push ups on my knees. Followed by lots of stretching — I’m still really sore from Sunday’s lunges, maybe that’s why the run was so tough too.

I then had a conference call with my internship to hear my fellow interns’ presentations. While on the call I had 2 cups of coffee, followed by oatmeal and bran! Made by momma. I topped it with blueberries, walnuts pieces, dried cranberries, and almond milk. Yum!

It’s nice to be at home for a few days. Short visit, but nice. Then it’s off on a few end-of-summer trips before school starts at the end of August. Hoping to see a few friends while I’m here in my home town :)

Oh and about that big zappos box that I never revealed its contents… well, here’s what was inside!

I kinda neglected posting it because I ended up returning the hat :( It was just too big and too expensive, AND, because my lovely friend found me an even better hat! I really wanted a white one and she happen to be at Banana Republic and she found me the perfect one, and for half the price of the one I had ordered from Zappos, so it’s a keeper! I’ll be sporting this on our trip to Cancun in less than two weeks! :)


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