Camping Trip Prep & Granola makin’

I’ve spent much of the afternoon prepping for our upcoming camping trip to New Hampshire and Maine (hooray!). Lots of packing going on! I’m also trying to pack things or at least prep them for a trip I’ll be leaving on the day after we get back from camping – a trip to Mexico! Lots of hiking clothes packed. And gear! Camp soap, head lamp, stoves, fuel, dry sacks, bug spray, not to mention all the stuff that’s already in the car, like the tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, kitchen gear like dishes pots and pans, etc etc. Lots of planning involved here!

I also packed up all my necessary toilettries, including all ever important blister kit! Antiseptic, bandaids, and mole skin (can’t beat this stuff). As I packed I munched on a juicy nectarine, handfuls of raisons, some chips, some walnuts, and a spoonful of peanut butter. Call that lunch? I think so. Lacking veggies, but I’ll be having a veggie-filled dinner so it’s all good. After getting organized round herrr, I headed off to yet another farmer’s market with mom. We picked up some produce for a little cookout tomorrow as well as some things for the camping trip. We picked up a jar of honey from a guy keeping bees just down the street. He let us try it and it tasted so wonderful, and he said he harvested it just the other day! Hooray for bee-keeping, we need more beekeepers! It was a really beautiful day out today. However, I found myself back in the kitchen … I had lots of leftover ingredients from all the bars I’ve been making so thought hmmm what can I do with all these oats, dried fruit, and nuts? Ah-hah! GRANOLA!! I’ve never made my own, so I loosely followed a recipe that called for honey (used the stuff we just bought!), oil, brown sugar, and vanilla. This seemed pretty routine in all the recipes I looked at. I mixed in everything that I had – coconut, almonds, walnuts, raisins, cranberries, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, oh my! It made a lot! Into the oven it went. We’ll see how it comes out!

Oh, and about that to-do list….

  • Pack for camping/ organize my disaster of a room
  • Pack for Mexico
  • Laundry
  • CVS
  • Trader Joe’s (postponed to tomorrow)
  • Farmer’s Market
  • Make granola?
  • Buy new head phones
  • Coffee date
  • Dinner date
Not too bad so far…




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4 responses to “Camping Trip Prep & Granola makin’

  1. Nice! I’m very excited to enjoy eating it while surrounded by woods and while hiking, seems like it’ll be the perfect wilderness snack :)

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