Grill Time!

Tonight we had a wonderful little cookout on the back porch! Jeff drove up from New Haven, and I managed to round up dad and get him to come over to mom’s for some great food and fun together. Dad made cocktails for everyone – vodka tonics and gin and tonics went around. We munched on chips with double roasted salsa.Then I made up some bruschetta with farmer’s market tomatoes, basil from the porch, and mozzarella from Whole Foods. We had olives too, mmm. Then we got grillin with bell peppers, corn, and veggie burgers over the flame. 6 ears of corn in total! All got eaten :) There was broccoli too. I loaded my burger with pickles, tomatoes, ketchup, and grilled bell peppers. More munching and talking and it was dessert time!
Dad brought a wonderful watermelon and I picked up some special dark chocolate from trader Joe’s. We also had a plate of almonds and dates to nibble on. Healthy dessert!
The watermelon was so juicy! This chocolate was similar to the one the other day, and was loaded with caramel and dark sea salt – I loved the saltiness! We sat out on the porch til close til 10 then called it a great night.

Jeff and I are heading out early tomorrow morning for a 5 night camping trip up North. Super excited! Blogging will be minimal from the wilderness though, but stay tuned!


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  1. Bonnie

    What a fabulous summer and it’s still going on!!! Hey, where’s that great pottery coming from????

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