Sunday Funday

Last night was very fun, we had a great mexican dinner, I had enchiladas that were unfortunately too spicy. We also enjoyed some margaritas, and then headed to our local hangout bar for a few pitchers of Oktoberfest!! So good. Tho, it did cause a bit of a headache this morning … nothing I couldn’t sweat out at the gym tho!

Today was a full on socializing day! I’m pretty exhausted from it all, I must say. Today included:

– a 9:30am workout at the gym, biked there and back
– brunch with the housemates and one of their visiting parents at the Pantry (a super yummy brunch place!) I had an omlette with spinach, feta, and olives, came with home fries, and the table shared a huge stack of peach pancakes — so goo!
– a quick trip to target
– a block party on our street, chatted with neigbors
– a dinner parts at our freinds hosue – yummy pasta with eggplant topping, salads, wine, mm!

Just arrived home to a kitchen covered in trash! The dog we’re sitting got into the garbage :( Boo.

Here’s a picture of my bike, since I have no other pictures to share right now! 

I’m super tired, so taking care of some admin things, then hitting the hay! Tomorrow will kick off the start of homework — oh boy!!



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