Laborious 1.5 Labor Day

Labor day, in review:

8:50am hit the pavement, 3.6 mile run

read, read, read at school 10:30-3

meet with advisor

pedal back home

Also, 1.5 = Jeff and I have been dating for a lovely 1.5 years!! Wow!! To celebrate….

5pm, bake cupcakes!

go out to dinner with Jeff, to Rice pot – mm thai — red curry tofu, pad thai, spring rolls, and 2 singhas please!

Enjoy cupcakes :)

8:30-11pm read and write homework!

And now, beditme. Looks like rain for the next few days, argh!

G night!




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2 responses to “Laborious 1.5 Labor Day

  1. Bonnie

    Congratulations to you and Jeff! Yummy cupcakes!!

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