Long Day

Well, ’twas a long day, as expected.

– class 10-11:30
– reading, finsihing a response due at 5pm
– interview prepping (eek)
– internship interview at 3:30
– meeting at 6pm (ditched due to pouring rain..)
– class 6:30-9:30

Interview went well – got the job! Now, just to figure out the heck I’ll have time for 2 research assistantships, a full course load, and maintaining some sort of sanity!! Ergh.

Here’s me being tired.

Lunch was a big tasty salad – spinach and lettuce, topped with tomato, mushrooms, green peppers, avocado, and a veggie burger. Here it is half eaten:After my interview I treated myself to a bag of peanut m & ms. Yum.

I biked home in the rain (thank goodness for rain pants!) after class ended at 9:30. I was hungry (I had brought yogurt but as I ate it in class I questioned its expiration date, which was today .. so stopped eating that..) I nibbled some kashi go lean cereal in class, and came home and had a big bowl of soup with toast on the side. Satisfying.

Now, trying to sort out life and get in bed. Still raining. At least it makes for good sleeping weather.



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