Over the hump day

Today was another long one (just wait til the workload starts, oyve!)

Kicked off with sitting in on a behavioral economics class at 8:30am. It was a neat class so now I want to take it – only problem is I already have a full schedule, and 2 internships! Ahhh decisions …

I then did some reading til 12, went to a guest talk (ate a home-packed salad during this, and a cookie), then had climate change class 1-4. Next up was a welcome social event for one of my internships from 5:30-7:30. I didn’t know the event would have tons of food! Cheese, crackers, veggies, fruit, and PIZZA! From two of the best places in town – Pepe’s and Bar. Mmmm. Cookies too. Probs didn’t eat the healthiest at this as I mingled around… better next time.

Got home around 7:30 and cooked up a dinner Jeff and I had been planning, corn on the cob and kale. I had some corn, it was great! The rest will be for lunch tomorrow, due to the unplanned first dinner.

I arrived home to find a PACKAGE! From mom :) Inside was a celebration of everything wonderful about the season!!! I <3 fall!!! And this got me even more excited!! All sorts of goodies! Homemade cereal mix and Halloween themed baking supplies! Look at these nifty things! Stencils for decorating cupcakes! So cool! Thanks mom!

With that, good night!

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