Climate Changin’

Today was the first day of classes! I only attended one, but it was a solid one – 3 hours long! Run down of the day:

– wake up
– few bites of banana
– gear up for the gym
– bike to the gym (1.7 mi)
– sweaty workout on the elliptical
– bike home (1.7 mi)
– shower, change, eat oats in a jar, on the porch, while still sweaty (starving!) and coffee

In the mix: 1/4c scottish oats, 1/4c soy milk, banana slices, scoop of PB, Kashi Go Lean cereal

bike downtown to farmer’s market (1 mi) – picked up some local produce! 
bike to school, go to class!

Climate Change and Mitigation – pretty neat class, we get 2 weeks to shop all of our courses until we decide which ones to take, so I have time to decide, but it seemed like a neat class. I need to brush up on my climate change policy, science, adaptation, etc so this sounds like the perfect class for this!

– ate greek yogurt mixed with fresh wild blueberries and kashi go lean cereal for lunch in class
biked home (1.2 mi)
– walked to friend’s house to lend her my juicer and hang out
– walked home
– picked up Jeff and drove to Chipotle!! Mmmm veggie burrito!! And chips and guac, sooo good!
– a quick stop at Trader Joe’s on the way back for some essentials
– at home, figuring out more class stuff, emailing, etc etc!

Do you see a theme here? Lots of BIKING! Approximately 5 or so miles. Biking is my main mode of transportation here, because 1. school, my work office, small markets, and friends’ houses are all within about 1.5 miles of me 2. it’s best for the environment! 3. it’s great exercise 4. parking is tough near school and in the city in general 5. fairly safe with bike lanes on some streets 6.awesome in the good weather and gives me time to enjoy the gorgeous new england weather and scenery on my pedals around town, 7. and all of my friends and classmates bike everywhere too, so we have lots of group bike brigades! :)

Oh, and dessert: Last time I had this chocolate was in the car driving up from DC!   It’s so good, dark choc with chunks of toffee, walnuts, and pecans.

Tomorrow I’m shopping four classes:

  • Management and the Environment
  • Statistics
  • U.S. Climate policy
  • Life Cycle Assessment Practicum

ahh, it’s going to be  LONG day. But, it’s the only way to figure out if I actually want to take a class, so gotta do it. And, the reading and homework will start to set in tomorrow, eeee. Last night did not end up as an early bedtime night – alas, I will try again tonight. Shooting for 11! G night.


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Running (in place?)

I’m trying to get back into a running routine before the insanity of school starts (which will be tomorrow, eek) and it’s been 2 weeks since I ran! Vacations & running just don’t mix for me I guess. So, I did a short run yesterday and today I did 3 (clunky slow) miles and did some lunges, tricep dips, push ups, and abs.

(ready for my run! and playing with the Photo Booth application on my comp)

Not a lot of each, but a few ;) Gettin back into shape, especially because I registered for a 10k Road Race on Sept 18th!! Gotta keep in gear for that.

Today was busy and tiring looking at the all courses being offered, talking to professors, sorting it all out. I also met with my boss at my assistantship here at school so need to figure out my work hours along with the course stuff. Lots to sort out! All before the crazy work load begins, ahhh! Can you tell I’m nervous about it?! Ahh. It’ll be okay … bah and I still need to finish the final unpacking of my room. All in time…

Anyhoo, cooked a great dinner with Jeff tonight – yellow curry! Lots of veggies – cauliflower, carrots, potatoes, peppers – and rice, mmm. Finished off with some dark chocolate :) Tomorrow is the first day of classes and I’ve got quite a lot to figure out for it, but hoping to get in some exercise and maybe a trip to the farmer’s market.

I guess I’m not sure how the blog will hold up while in school – it might just be waaay too busy to be blogging even every few days, but, I do enjoy  blogging, so we’ll see if I can keep it up! 

Hopefully an early bedtime tonight. Gnight.

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First Day of School!

Well, I’m back in New Haven and today is sort of the first day of school! It’s our course expo where we walk around to tables where our professors are standing and giving out syllabi. It’s a day to learn more about the classes we think we want to take and to say hi to all of our friends! I’ve caught up with a bunch of mine already and have been spending lots of time with my roommates and Jeff. It’s great to be back! I’m all unpacked in my room and it feels like home again. We hunkered down as hurricane Irene hit on Sunday and it was a good day to stay inside and unpack. And now it’s gorgeous, crisp fall weather here! Loving it, and super excited for FALL!!

I also love our front porch, and eating breakfast there! Ready for my first day :) Oats in a jar!! Mmmm, scottish oats soaked overnight in soy milk, topped with banana slices and a biggg scoop of PB! Coffee on the side.


I’m off on my bike to school soon and will be there almost all day. Then a 4pm meeting with my supervisor from my job to see if I’ve got a position lined up for this year! Then, I’m hoping to hit the gym or go for a run! C ya!



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Back from Mexico!

Just arrived back from Mexicoa great vacation! More to come, and we got back just in time for Irene to hit the east coast, oh boy! In the mean time.. a few pictures from our wonderful trip :)

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Back from the Wilderness

Well we arrived back from the wilderness! Jeff and I had a great time camping near North Conway NH and then in Boothbay Maine. Here are a few pictures summarizing our trip! We spent the last night at Jeff’s grandparents’ house on the beach in Scarborough Maine, and had beautiful weather there today and yesterday. We managed to sneak in our annual Shipyard Brewery tour in Portland Maine, too!

Now we’re shuffling things around, cleaning out the car, and re-packing for tomorrow morning’s flight to MEXICO!! We’re heading down for a 6 night vacation trip with some friends from school – should be a blast and very relaxing! We’ll have internet which will be nice, too.  See you from Mexico!! Hasta luego. 

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Well I didn’t think I’d be blogging at all on our camping trip up in New Hampshire and Maine, BUT it’s POURING rain here, and after getting sopping all morning we decided to seek shelter in a few coffee shops in North Conway. So much for getting away from technology… ah well.

We had a great time yesterday setting up camp, going for a 3 mile easy hike along the Boulder Loop, and had a great campfire dinner of foil packets filled with potatoes, squash, zucchini, and carrots. It was great sitting by the campfire, drinking beers and relaxing. We also made s’mores! It rained all night and our tent leaked a bit, bot not terribly. We cooked up a breakfast for oatmeal and coffee this morning in the rain (good thing for rain jackets and rain pants!) Today we’ve enjoyed poking around the little shops in North Conway and we did some clothes shopping at the outlets (gasp, I know). Now we’re hanging out in a coffee shop, reading, etc.

We’ve got some fun plans for trying out some locally brewed beers at the Moat Mountain Smokehouse going out to eat at Flatbread Company (amazing pizza). It might be another soppy night in the tent… but hey, I still love the great outdoors!!

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DC Recap

Just before we take off on our wilderness camping trip I figured a recap of DC was in order! It was an awesome summer and I really ended up loving the city. I had a good internship experience at the EPA, was lucky to work with some wonderful fellow interns, had many visitors including my parents, brother, boyfriend, and friends, and did lots of sight-seeing! I would love to return to DC and perhaps live there at some point in the future.

It was a summer full of:

Sight-seeing & Museums, more museums, and here too

Wonderful brunches, mm brunch

Friends, fun, and more friends 

Internship Fun, intern potlucks here, and here 

Fitness, gym workouts, other gym workouts, more gym, and runninga lot of running!

Froyo, other froyo, more froyo, and even more! 

Good bye DC!!! Thanks for all the fun this summer! 

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Grill Time!

Tonight we had a wonderful little cookout on the back porch! Jeff drove up from New Haven, and I managed to round up dad and get him to come over to mom’s for some great food and fun together. Dad made cocktails for everyone – vodka tonics and gin and tonics went around. We munched on chips with double roasted salsa.Then I made up some bruschetta with farmer’s market tomatoes, basil from the porch, and mozzarella from Whole Foods. We had olives too, mmm. Then we got grillin with bell peppers, corn, and veggie burgers over the flame. 6 ears of corn in total! All got eaten :) There was broccoli too. I loaded my burger with pickles, tomatoes, ketchup, and grilled bell peppers. More munching and talking and it was dessert time!
Dad brought a wonderful watermelon and I picked up some special dark chocolate from trader Joe’s. We also had a plate of almonds and dates to nibble on. Healthy dessert!
The watermelon was so juicy! This chocolate was similar to the one the other day, and was loaded with caramel and dark sea salt – I loved the saltiness! We sat out on the porch til close til 10 then called it a great night.

Jeff and I are heading out early tomorrow morning for a 5 night camping trip up North. Super excited! Blogging will be minimal from the wilderness though, but stay tuned!

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Bike Ridin’

Dad and I biked 12 miles today! We had a great ride all around Wayland and parts of Natick. There are some really beautiful areas, and a few farms, too! We pedaled and pedaled and planned our route to go by the Whole Foods (<3) in Wayland. We enjoyed some sushi as we took a break – veggie roll with carrots, avocado, cucmber, yum! Enjoyed in the sunshine. We got back after about 1.5 hours and relaxed in dad’s backyard. He’s taken up a new hobby of intense bird-feeding and watching! He’s got a great backyard that borders a wooded area so there’s tons of wildlife and quite a variety of birds, squirrels, and chipmunks. While sitting for about half an hour we saw woodpeckers, nuthatches, tit mice, chickadees, sparrows of course, cardinals, blue jays, and 2 hummingbirds! Not sure what kind they were, maybe one of these three? They fed on the feeders of sugar water my dad had out. 

Dad is growing some super tall sunflowers in his yard, too! Check this guy out (along with my sweet biking attire)

After the wild-life and flower viewing session, I did some errands (i.e. picked up beer and cookout supplies for this evening) got home, and I was hunngrryyyy, so I dug into this: As sliced up organic Gala apple with blobs of peanut butter and almond butter. The almond butter is MaraNatha all natural creamy almond butter and it’s awesome! I’ve been digging into this jar for a while now but had yet to blog about it. It’s thick and tastes like roasted almonds. I’m still much more in love with peanut butter, but it’s nice to change things up sometimes, or combine them :) It’s got the same stats as natural peanut butter for the most part – 190 cal and 6g protein for 2 tbsp. Almond butter goes great on anything you’d put with peanut butter – toast, sandwiches, fruit, in oatmeal, the options are endless! And,  I got this lovely jar for FREE  from Swanson. Swanson sent me this for free so I could try it out! If you have a food blog, check this out to get your own free food stuffs!

Along with my apple snack I had a few handfuls of granola (so addictive, I’ll def be making this more often).

Now: it’s last-minute packing, organizing, etc, then JEFF arrives :-D ..and its cookout time with the fam!

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Breakfasts on the Porch

This morning I tried to sleep in since I knew I’ve got a slew of dawn-rising mornings coming up in our tent! But, I was awake and up around 8am. Ah well, I felt great so I hit the pavement for a nice run and did 4.72 miles. It was a nice cool 64 degrees.

Felt good and I chugged along at about a 10 minute mile which, considering all the hills, is quite alright. It was nice to have company on the run too – lots of other runners out bright and early on this lovely Saturday morning! I came home and did

1 set of abs with some other abs moves
– 10 push ups on my knees
– stretch

Half a Shower (cuz there’ll be more sweating later on!) and breakfast:

Oats with soymilk, topped with blueberries, half a small banana slices, honey from yesterday’s market, and home-made granola!  It was quite the rockstar bowl. Side of french press coffee.

I love eating out on our back porch. My mom has it decorated with plants and doodads and it’s a great sunny start to the day. Now I’m off to meet my dad for a bike ride! :) Happy Saturday everyone!



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